Maid Services

Our Professional & Skill House maid ensure the perfect cleaning of everything assigned to them. The tasks performed would typically include normal household cleaning duties such as:

Floor Cleaning
Baby Seating
Washing down paintwork
Cleaning toilets, washroom and bathrooms.
Rest Room Cleaning

Interior cleaning
Cleaning house
Sofa Cleaning
Washing clothes
Ironing Clothes
Taking care of plants

Taking pet to walk
Moving to a new place
School Cleaning
Curtain Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning
Marble Polishing

Why House Maid Services With Us


We are in a good position in Cleaning Service across Dubai, we offers best maid and cleaning service in part time and full time basis with the best price and best quality. We couldn’t find a comparative business in Dubai. Our quality and shining cleaning service makes our clients stick with us.

Our customer relation team to make sure all the clients is happy; also to take view for the entire job makes sure every think going smooth. Which will take our cleaning service in Dubai to the next level?

Are you looking for Cleaning service with best price or best quality, then no need to wait just try our service. We have a option of commercial and residential services.

We are proud of our pool of friendliest maids, who are the reasons why we’ve endeared ourselves to many clients. What’s different?

Serve with a smile: They are not only excellent; they love to serve people.
Clean and healthy: They’re pleasant and safe to be around.
Reliable and trustworthy: They value their own integrity at work.
Experienced and fully trained: They completely know what they’re doing.